To celebrate their beauty, importance, and conservation, Chiricahua Desert Museum & Geronimo Event Center is
planning and hosting the first Biology of Snakes Conference (BoS). Previous professional meetings on snakes that we
have organized placed emphasis on certain lineages, predominately the vipers, boas, and pythons (Biology of the
Pitvipers, Biology of the Vipers, Biology of the Boas and Pythons), but for BoS we are throwing out the broadest net
possible and intend to explore and discuss the entire group. Indeed, this is an exciting and ambitious agenda. We
welcome everyone who is interested in snakes!

The schedule begins with our invited speakers. These three luminaries have made tremendous contributions to our
knowledge of snakes; we are privileged to have them attend and present.     

●  Dr. Wolfgang Wüster will deliver the Keynote. His talk is titled, "Natural History and Genetic Basis of Venom
Evolution." Those of you who have seen Wolfgang speak know that he will give us a very lively and exciting

●  Dr. Frank Burbrink is our featured speaker. His recent work on snakes has taken him far from his office in New York.
Frank will be discussing, "The Origin and Diversification of Snakes in Madagascar."  

● Dr. Mark O'Shea is our banquet speaker. Most of us know that Mark is always on the move, but somehow we were
able to lure him to this meeting. He will engage and entertain us with an intriguing title, "Amphibian and Reptile Art in
Miniature: Adventures in Herpeto-Philately."

We will be honoring three world-class artists who have made snakes and other reptiles prime subjects of their art (see
their profiles and art at the BoS website). At the conference, these individuals will discuss their remarkable careers. In
some form or another, their art will be showcased and available for sale. Also, you may contact them ahead of the
meeting if you would like to have them to deliver a particular piece of art you want to acquire.     

●  Tell Hicks                    

●  Carel Brest van Kempen

●  William B. Montgomery
Live music and potluck
Mountain Valley Lodge
Dennis Hanisch
Christina Andrews
Celia Reed
Potluck starts at 6:30 pm
Music starts at 8:00 pm

Donations for music and refreshments
greatly appreciated.